Team work and
professional approach

MAJOP d.o.o. is a privately owned company, founded in 1992.  It business mission is driven by enthusiasm, foreign investments, professional approach and distribution of high-quality products.

In order to closely present our beginnings, we would like to mention the following companies: Ljubljanske mlekarne d.d. Ljubljana (Ljubljana Dairies), Sljeme d.d. Zagreb, Improm d.o.o. Križevci. The turning point of our business was when we started distributing products of Vindija d.d. Varaždin in 2004, which is one of

the leading food producers in entire Europe.
We import the renowned Westland b.v. brand from Netherlands and products of Klara d.d. Zagreb.

Consumers and business partners are on the very top of our pyramid of values. Our team of about twenty professionals and experts are always at disposal to our customers, ready to meet all their demands within the shortest time possible.

By acquiring a significant number of satisfied clients,  the company acquired also a very rich knowledge about functioning of wholesale and retail facilities. Our goal is to grow into a recognizable provider of milk,

milk products, juices, chicken and turkey products and fresh and frozen meat products. The products we offer always preserve their quality and characteristics, as we treat them with uttermost care in the so-called “cold chain” from producer to final consumer.

Cultivating good relations with our business partners and buyers, we are now implementing a large project involving a significant investment, the main aim of which is to continuously improve our business activities, create new jobs and upgrade work efficiency.